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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Young Stay-At-Home Wives

Before I got married, people always wanted to know what I planned for my life after high school. After becoming engaged, my answer was easy--"I'm getting married!"

Now I'm married, I have a home, no children, and my husband is in college. I get the same question, just applied to a different life stage. What am I going to do while he's working towards his degree? Am I going to get a job or go to college too, or what?

I'm still not very good at answering that one, so I say things like, "I'll be doing things around the house," and other [not] brilliant answers. I'm confident in my role, and I believe that not only has God placed me here, but that it is a high and noble calling. Someday I'll figure out how to sound confident too. Come on, Staircase Wit...how about a little insight here?

If you're a young wife at home, how do you answer The Question? I'd really like to hear your thoughts.


Rachel Clarke said...

You could say you are "honing" various homemaking skills...and you really could! Try to get *really* good at making different kinds of foods, (I'm totally not talking dessert :P) and things like that.

Or you could answer you are plenty busy keeping house for the 2 of you, and are preparing for a family someday.

But then of course, I have never been where you are, so I might not be much help. :)

Love you!

Dulantha said...
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Hannah May said...

That's a good idea, Rachel. I like it. Thanks!

Love you too.