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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Newlywed Hospitality

My husband and I have finally situated the apartment enough that we feel able to have people over for dinner or whatever the situation calls for. We are loving it! But this week I was reminded of David Copperfield, and the part where he and Dora are just married and the meat somehow always ends up burnt or raw...
Because apparently one cannot leave chicken breasts in the crock pot for two extra hours and find them unharmed.
We had been gone all day and because of changed schedule information, we didn't get home until about six in the evening. I had estimated our return at about four when I put the chicken on to cook.
Upon entering the house with two guests, the strong smell of chicken met our noses, and my stomach sank. I only hoped the others didn't notice the other, very toasty aroma which I found all too obvious.
So I rushed into the kitchen and pulled the lid off while my unsuspecting husband settled everyone into the living room. I managed to beckon and get his attention, and only pointed at the pot.
He stared at the blackened remains of our dinner and looked at me very worriedly.
“What do we do?” he whispered.
“I don't know,” I answered. “We got home much later than I planned for.”
I almost heard his mind whirring as I watched his face.
“There's nothing you can do with it?” he asked.
I thought fast. “Well, we already have salad,, biscuits and cookies. I can try to pick out the middle of the chicken, shred it up, cook a few veggies, and toss it all into the rice I'm about to cook.”
“Do it.” And he returned to his guests.

I served the meal apprehensively, with many quick prayers that at least the butter would cover any taste of charred chicken—or if worse came to worst, the cookies might atone for my failure. But God saw fit to bless us, and all of the food seemed to be greatly enjoyed by our friends. Praise Him, thank Him for emergency fixes and a good batch of cookies, and please, for your own sake, I plead with you...do not leave your chicken in the crock pot for ten hours when the recipe calls for eight.

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