God has blessed us AGAIN!

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Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Hannah May. I'm a reformed Christian in my late teens, newly married to the most wonderful gentleman on the face of the earth. As to my occupation . . .
"What he asked of me was that I should be his wife. I understood that to mean that he desired me to keep him a clean house, serve him digestible food, mother his children, and give him loving sympathy and tenderness." 
~Elnora Comstock, in Gene Stratton-Porter's 'A Girl of the Limberlost'
. . . that covers it beautifully.
I love to read, write, sing, dance, and play the Mountain Ocarina. I twirl in my skirts, cook in my aprons, and get pollen on my nose when I smell flowers. We hope to raise as large a brood of children as God wills. This is a new chapter of my story, and I hope you enjoy the bits I find time to jot down.