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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Should Christians Celebrate? Part I--Did Christ Eat Rabbit?

Well, Resurrection Day has come and gone—as we can all tell from the chocolate rabbits and plastic eggs lining our local clearance aisles. So am I the only one missing a connection between the cross and the bunny?

 Christ fed the multitudes, but I think he used fish—and they did eat bread at the Last Supper, but I don't see loaves of Mrs. Baird's hidden among the green cellophane at Wal-Mart. Let's see, we're getting closer. . . after He was crucified, they gave Him some nasty wine, and when He rose and appeared to the disciples, I know He ate something. Maybe that's where the eggs come in—or did he eat rabbit?

 Um—nope. It says He ate fish again. Huh. I'd expect to at least see some goldfish crackers in the purple baskets. That would make sense.

 Oh, wait. That's the Easter Bunny, not the Resurrection Day Bunny. Never mind, sorry. My bad. I think I have it now—two holidays colliding on the same day?

 It sounds right, but that can't be it. No, certainly not. Because how does that explain this?

Bunny Tomb Empty image
                                              Easter Christian Graphics 

 I am so confused.

 From what I've heard, I'm not the only one who is wondering or has wondered in the past why we celebrate the way we do, and whether or not the benefits outweigh the effort. Does God like holidays? Does He like ours? And if He does...does He like the way we're celebrating them?

 This is a topic which has become increasingly important to me, and I quickly realized that one blog post wasn't going to suffice for everything I wanted to look at. So I hope you'll return for the second installment of my series 'Should Christians Celebrate?' and I'll give you my thoughts on whether or not God approves of holidays.


Anonymous said...

Heh. Finally got around to reading this. I look forward to the follow ups, as I too am mildly interested in this topic. My initial thought would be that it depends on what you ( or rather, God) think holidays are for. Are holidays an excuse to party and eat chocolate and visit family and friends? Or are they meant to help us remember important things? Are they supposed to be like any other day, like a Saturday night in college, or like a Sabbath on steroids, or what? I personally think that holidays as "holy-days" or days of memorial or remembering are legitimate and Scriptural (or otherwise "God-approved"). But I still have some reservations and questions, so I hope following your posts and hashing it out some will be helpful. I hope you and your growing family are doing well!

Hannah May said...


All great questions--which I hope to address in the next installments. I have to say, though, I'm very curious as to the identity of the person I'm talking to. There are guesses floating around, but...?


Josi said...

Gah! I meant to do my name! iPod touch is so hard to do comments on. It's me, Josie Petersen! (just in case it switches to anonymous again) ^_^

Hannah May said...

Aha! Blogger can be pesky like that sometimes. :-) Thanks for the comment, Josie.