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Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Fall Favorite

It is finally November! I love how Fall blew in so suddenly...as if she had forgotten and the new month startled her into the proper routine. The air has a crisp chill, scarves are coming out, Thanksgiving will be upon us, and so will Christmas. All of this fills me with joy every single year. So, in celebration, another Christopher Morley Poem. Three cheers and a mug of cider to Fall!

Burning Leaves, November

These are the folios of April,
All the library of spring,
Missals gilt and rubricated
With the frost's illumining.

Ruthless, we destroy these treasures,
Set the torch with hand profane--
Gone, like Alexandrian vellums,
Like the books of burnt Louvain!

Yet these classics are immortal:
O collectors, have no fear,
For the publisher will issue
New editions every year.


(Image credit: www.morguefile.com)

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